Wendy Carannante

Licensed School Psychologist
(Working toward Registered Play Therapist Credential)

(540) 693-8365

"Excellent satisfaction. Very pleased to find you." ~ Anonymous
"I appreciate how time is taken to listen to our concerns. I also love the trust built by my son and Wendy Carannante." ~ Parent
"I know how to control myself more." - Anonymous Teen
I would give Wendy Carannante 10 stars if I could. We have been seeing Wendy for 3 years. Our daughter was struggling in 1st grade and the teachers were wavering on academic testing.
"Continued" Our daughter attends private school so the cost was on us. We did some research and found a Dr. in Stafford. Her fee was $5,000. We had no idea that was exorbitant. The teachers waivered again and we cancelled
"Continued" The teachers came back again asking for an academic assessment. Their confusion caused us a lot of frustration, so we looked locally and found Mindful Health online. We were STUNNED by her low fee. The lowest we found for the same testing was in northern Va for $1850.
"Continued" The appointments were easily scheduled and Wendy was amazing for our daughter. Our daughter started with THREE learning disabilities. Under Wendy's recommendations and our schools willingness to follow them, our daughter has flourished and her self esteem has increased
"Continued" (despite a rough second grade teacher). She now has one disability to go and I have no doubt Wendy will help her knock that out in no time at all. When we presented our report to our school the first time they asked for Wendy's information because this was
"Continued" "The best academic assessment we have ever seen." I believe they have referred several other families in our school to her as well. We will continue to come yearly and we trust Wendy implicitly. She truly cares for her patients and our daughter feels comfortable with her.
"Continued" I cant say enough good things. She has truly made an enormous difference in our child's life
My daughter loves Ms. Wendy she is so great with her, she talks with me and gets an update than my daughter goes and enjoys Ms. Wendy's area where she can draw, color, play games she makes her feel comfortable at all times,
"Continued" it's really not like therapy for her at all , it's more of a confident person she can talk to that guides her. I would recommend her to anyone
I needed to have my son tested for dyslexia. Wendy was so helpful, sympathetic, and wonderful with my son. I received all of the answers I needed,
"Continued" along with suggestions and several resources on how to get my get the help he needs. Thank you so much Wendy for your help.
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